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When Church is No Longer a Good Fit for Your Schedule, Energy Level or Emotions PLUS I Solved the Masking Debate \\ Mini Planning Session

August 12, 2021

If you feel like your schedule is not church friendly, I get it. If you've been hurt at church before, I understand. If you feel so overwhelmed by life that emotionally you can't handle one more thing, I've been there.

I know many have went MIA during 2020 but it’s that Back to Church season, so in keeping with how we like to calendar plan in these mini episodes, I wanted to touch on this so welcome to episode # 9 of the Gina Duke Show.

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I also recommended air purifiers at the end of this episode.  Air purifiers are not a replacement for mask wearing, but can be very helpful indoors where you have both mask wearers and non-mask wearers present together. Here are some affiliate links where I will make a small % of sales should you make a purchase.  Proceeds go to sustaining my ministry.  Thank you.

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