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Frazzled & Need a Word? How God’s Specific Word for Your Circumstances Will Find You Every Time \\ FAITH Episode

August 4, 2021

How God’s Specific Word for Your Circumstances Will Find You Every Time.

YOU, would love to have this one thing given to you at every crossroad in life, at every major decision, at every unknown, and in times of uncertainty, I am certain – pun intended – Ha!.  What is this thing - you know - a specific Word from God for your current situation.  Amiright?  

In today's episode, I am sharing my tip on how to get your Word from God on that thing that's got you frazzled.  

One of the best things you can do to have more order in your life, is to have an organized approach to your prayer life.  Grab yourself a copy of my award-winning book, Organizing Your Prayer Closet: A New and Life-Changing Way to Pray (Abingdon Press) - this is an affiliate link where I will make a small commission on your purchase, and so are some of the links below!


Links to highlighted resources... 


Smith Wiggleworth's Devotional:

Focus: How One Word a Week Will Transform Your Life

The Upper Room Disciplines: A Daily Devotional:



Unfortunately, it does not look like Joyce Meyer's website is carrying the Battlefield of the Mind Bible that I described in my show.  Here's the link to other Bibles in her store:

I did however, find one here:



Be the Bridge

You are the Girls for the Job

Organizing Your Prayer Closet:


Commercial to Women’s Ministry Leaders and Directors – A Women’s Involvement Ministry 3 Year Program – Facebook Interest Group: To purchase the program, go here: for the Early Bird Special!


As a free gift for taking part of this LFOI experiment with me, I have a 15-page LFOI Framework Guide so that you can build your own personal framework for a Lifestyle of Faith, Order & Influence:

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Enjoy your LFOI and lead on sister!

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